Pricing Details

  • $25.00 Half-hour batting cage
  • $40.00 Hour batting cage
  • $60.00 Hour batting cage with HitTrax
  • $15.00 Half-hour pitching lane
  • $30.00 Hour pitching lane
  • $30.00 Half-hour in turf area
  • $45.00 Hour in turf area
  • $10.00 Half-hour in tee area
  • $15.00 Hour in tee area

Individual Membership

USD 50 per month

or USD 500 paid in advance

Gold Member

Includes cage, tee, and turf areas as well as machine usage, Rapsodo, and Hitrax.

Team Membership

USD 3850

Gold Member

90-minute practice once per week over a 12-month period. Practice area includes 3 batting cages, 2 throwing lanes for pitching, tee station, and turf area for infield and outfield drills. Also includes Hitrax and Rapsodo usage once per week. Ten players are considered.

Additional players may be added for an additional $135.00.